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When you're looking for
polyurethane, epoxy laminating resins, polyurethane casting resins or polyester fillers. For your Art projects, mold making, model making and anything you can dream. CR Resins is the place for you to Develop your imagination!

We are specialists in polyurethane and developed our product to best match the needs and performance of the industry. You can order our resins at our Ebay Store or here as well.

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In order to speed your selection we have selected a few of our most popular items to highlight on our home page. Each section has a few popular items that our customers ordered most. there is alink to each product page that gives you a wider selection of these products as well.
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CR Resins Latex Mold Material
CR Resins Latex Mold Material

CR Resins Latex Mold Material
Gallon Unit
8 lbs Weight

Pail Unit
38lbs Weight

Latex Rubber Mold Making Material

Natural Latex Mold Making Material

Our Latex is a light bodied viscosity allows for easy brushing and layering to allow for mold build up. Best when used in 5-10 layers the latex will create a rubber band type of feel when cured. full cure on 10 layers is best at over night at 16-24 hours.
Many buyers use this material for making molds for stepping stones, yard creatures and plaster decoration pieces. The mold once made has good strength allowing the mold to be easily removed from your master and your casting.

  • Ideal for Concrete molds
  • Very flexable when cured for easy demolding
  • brushes on easily
  • has good durability

Shelf life: 6 months unopened
Demold time: 16-24 hours
Color: Cream

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Cream (Off White)
Gallon Unit $53.98

Pail Kit $141.75
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CR Resins Quarts
CR Resins Gallons
CR Resins Pails
Quart Unit
3lbs Mixed Weight

Gallon Unit
14lbs Mixed Weight

Pail Unit
80lbs Mixed Weight

TanCast – Casting Resin

Quick setting two part urethane that’s easy to use with a 1:1 mix ratio. Has a fast 3 minute working time and can be demolded as fast as 30 minutes. When totally cured TanCast can be like a high-impact thermoplastic. Great reproductive detail and can be painted. Can be tinted using colorants.

Some benefits include:
Ideal for figurines and small sculpture reproduction, Turns tan when curing, Low/No order when mixing

Mix ratio: 110:100 by wt.
Mix ratio: 100:100 by vol.
Pot life: 3 minutes
Viscosity (Mixed): 1,800-2,000cps
Demold time: 30-60 minutes
Hardness (shore): 75D +2
Color: Tan

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Lt. Tan
Quart Kit $35.00

Gallon Kit $95.00

Pail Kit $395.00

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